Youth for the Nations



About YFN

About YFN

Our Vision

1. To prepare a place where teenagers & youth leaders can
come together in order to passionately pursue the presence of God.


2. To create an atmosphere where teenagers & youth leaders
can experience personal transformation through the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.


3. To set the stage for teenagers & youth leaders to have their hearts
enlarged for world missions and peer evangelism.

Our Purpose

YFN exists to impact and equip this generation with the living word of God, propelling them into a lifestyle of worship with a heart for the nations.

Why YFN?

Each year, YFN receives testimony after testimony from youth pastors and campers from across the country about how God has changed their life at YFN. At YFN, we see God set teenagers free from addictions, heal them mentally, physically, and emotionally, but most importantly see them come to truly know God. YFN also has intense worship where teenagers are challenged to go after the heart of God in passionate pursuit. Workshops are also an important aspect in YFN; they are designed to equip teenagers with practical teachings which allow them to leave and apply what they have learned and experienced. YFN also consists of crazy games where the campers can have fun and go nuts with hundreds of other teens.
All year long YFN interns are preparing for the summer. Each week they are praying and fasting, seeking the heart of God and desiring to see a generation changed and set apart for the glory of God.


2015 Speakers

Speaking All 4 Weeks

Pastor Jaycee Jennings

Pastor Jaycee Jennings

Director of Youth for the Nations

Pastor Jaycee has been involved in ministry for over 25 years as both a national & international evangelist, creative arts specialist; consultant, bible college instructor and generational leader.

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Week 1

June 15th-19th

    Chris McClarney

    Chris McClarney

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    Rapper/Founder of Death to Chains

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      Week 2

      June 22nd-26th

      Week 3

      July 6th-10th

      Week 4

      July 13th-17th


      The Core is a junior internship program for students between the ages of 16 & 18 designed to give a select group of teenagers the opportunity to serve next to our body of interns.

      To apply for the Core Internship, click here!


      Q: Can I be apart of YFN if I am over 18, not a youth leader or youth pastor?
      A: Unfortunately, no. Even though we love people to help out with YFN, we limit the involvement to YFN interns, campers, youth pastors and youth leaders.

      Q: When can I arrive and depart from YFN?
      A: YFN registration begins at 9:00 a.m. on the opening day of camp, and will last until 12:30 p.m. Late registration will run from 12:30p.m. – 4:00p.m. The departure time is 11:00 a.m. on the concluding day of your scheduled camp.

      Q: What kind of food is served at camp?
      A: You can expect a variety of options, such as hamburgers, lasagna, hot dogs and various sides to go with each. There is always an open salad bar with desert and your choice of drink available in a buffet setting.

      Q: Is transportation provided if I fly into Dallas?
      A: We are unable to provide transportation from the airport. However, you are welcome to arrange a shuttle/taxi from the airport for approximately $38 (U.S.). Speak with DFW Ground Transportation for more information at (972) – 574 – 5878.

      Q: What activities are available?
      A: Nation games are played in the afternoon, which include: relay races, pool games, and many other exciting activities. We have an in-door swimming pool available during free time. Life guards will be on duty any time the pool is open. Basketball and volleyball tournaments go on during free time and the water-slide on the field is open to have fun on! During the week, groups will have the opportunity to visit the local waterpark. YFN will not provide transportation to the waterpark. Youth groups and individuals who do not have transportation will have to stay on campus for the afternoon. The cost for the waterpark is included in your registration.

      Q: What are the rules during camp?
      A: Because we are a Christian summer camp, we have standards set to allow our attendees to experience God in a powerful way without being distracted and to ensure their safety. Please see the “YFN Rules” included within the registration packet.

      Q: Where do I go to register once I get there?
      A: Registration is located in the Student Center building at 444 Fawn Ridge Dr. Dallas, TX 75224. We will have signs on the day of registration to direct you through campus.

      Q: Are children welcome?
      A: Yes, but we do not provide childcare. There is however a reduced rate opportunity to do KFN Day Camp if your child is 5 or older. To find out more click here!

      Q: STAR Cards! When can they be used and what do they cover?
      A: The STAR Cards are available to use  in the cafe on campus to purchase different snack food items. The times that they may be used will be covered on the first night of camp.

      For more information on things like what to bring, what a normal day looks like, and more click here!

      The Best Is Yet To Come


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      Contact Info

      1-800-YFN-CFNI or for Registration call 214-302-6347

      444 Fawn Ridge Drive Dallas, Texas 75224