Congratulations! You have been accepted into the first semester of The Academy. Below are our rules and guidelines while you are a part of the program! Once you have read through, you will fill out the contract at the bottom of this page.


we will embody the code

The Code is the framework of the YFN culture. It is the ‘How’ of YFN. These are the principles that guide our decisions and behavior on a day to day basis as we represent YFN and CFNI. These are standards that we will hold you accountable to. They are as follows.

Honor– We honor because we are honorable

Servanthood– We rule like servants and serve like royalty

Revival– We make it our lifestyle

Greater– We will always make room for more

Integrity– We are driven by eternity

Hunger– We get what we expect 

Faith– We see the impossible as logical


we will not speak inappropriately

we will not gossip

we understand that this program is for learning purposes only

we will not discourage others

we will not settle for less than leadership character

we will not impersonate a staff member or leader

we will be honest and open

if we witness any bullying we will report it to our leaders

we will keep talks clean

we will be focused on growing closer to God

Send Messages in the designated time frame (1pm – 9pm, Mon-Fri)

support and honor the leaders around us

we are to only reply in threads

Only private message members of the same gender

we will react to any postage from our leads in any chat or sub chat

we will respect the privacy of the other members