A Better Experience, For Everyone.

YFN is the perfect blend between a camp and a conference. With over 7 guest speakers a week, 9 leadership sessions, 4 night sessions, 3 student sessions, and guest artists, we strive to be a place where not only the students are ministered to, but the pastors and leaders receive as well.

The YFN Experience

We believe that camp should exist to be more than a summer get-away, fun and games, exhausting for the pastors, or an emotional time of tears with no real encounter. You should leave with MORE courage, strength, unity, and vision than when you came. Everything we do has been prayerfully and intentionally designed with the destiny of every pastor, leader, teenager, youth group, and city in mind. By the time camp starts, our team will have had over 60 prayer meetings together with a combined total of nearly 16,000 hours fasted. Our staff will have gone through extensive training in ensuring that all of our guests will have the best experience possible. 


This isn’t just an experience built on hype, but heart.

Each week of camp takes place Monday – Friday. Each week of camp is an identical experience with different guest speakers and bands/artists. Check-in is required on Monday between 8am and 4:30pm. Upon completion of your registration process you will be assigned a check-in time via email. Check-out for On-Campus is on Friday between 8am and 10am.

2 Experiences. 1 Camp.

This isn’t just a camp for students. It’s for pastors too.

Everyday, Tuesday through Thursday, we will gather together for corporate worship in the main auditorium. After that, we will dismiss the pastors & leaders to another building where they will get to enjoy coffee, snacks, and donuts, all the while getting to connect with other pastors and talk with that night’s featured guest speaker. You will then receive a word that has been specifically crafted for you from the previous night’s main session guest speaker. You will be dismissed to enjoy lunch with your lead team and discuss what’s been shared in the sessions. You will meet back in the leadership auditorium for two more sessions designed to resource, train, and empower you with all that you need to burn brighter and run faster. 

Now at the same time as the leadership side is going on, we have a completely separate experience for the students. They will remain in the main auditorium after the pastors/leaders are dismissed, where they will hear from relevant and dynamic voices on topics and issues that will speak directly to them. As they respond, our team will spend the necessary time needed to minister to them one-on-one and set them completely free. After the morning session is over, they will separated in 16 different teams that will all represent the Nations of the world. During and after lunch, they will breakout to spend time with their Nation Leaders and learn all about the Nation they are assigned to. After the breakout sessions, they will head outside to the YFN field for intense and creative games designed to push students outside of their comfort zones, promote unity, and kick-start creative problem solving. Our hope is that by the end of the week, through the competitions and hype, the students will develop a heart to see God move in their Nation.

Both the pastors/leaders and students will be dismissed at 3:30pm, allowing them to reconnect, get ready for dinner and get to the main auditorium for that night’s main experience. Every evening session will have pre-service elements, worship (some nights will have a guest band/artist and these will vary by week), a different guest speaker, and plenty of time for altar ministry. Once the service is over, our Apparel store will be open for you to shop in, as well as the camp cafe, which everyone from your group will have 4 snack vouchers for to use throughout the week. 

Here’s what a week of camp looks like

This is a weekly recap video of just ONE of the weeks from this past summer.